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    If you’re just getting started, I’ve created a kit with all the basics. It’s light and small, and takes up almost no storage space. It’s easy to pack for a trip or take anywhere. This is the perfect kit if you’re just getting started or you’re always on the run.
    1. Booty Band – medium - level 3
    2. Booty Band – heavy - level 4
    3. Gliding Discs – 7″ (two-sided – hard wood & carpet)
    4. Jump Rope
    5. Acupressure Massage Ball
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    1. Booty bands level 4 (2)
    2. Cable cross – heavy + door attachment
    3. Stability ball + pump
    4. Gliding discs (pair)
    5. Ab wheel
    6. Jump rope
    7. Pilates ball
    8. Large massage ball
    9. Door frame chin up bar
    10. Strength band (blue) - for assisted chin ups
    This is my ‘best of' kit that I curated keeping product price and versatility at the forefront. It’s a fantastic kit that will give you an awesome home gym feel without the price tag.
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